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The protagonist, Noel Bishop, has just popped into existence, he does not know where he is, what he is, who he is or if he really is Noel Bishop. Explore his world to find out what is going on and experience his thoughts and actions through this interactive short story.


Programmed, designed and written by Sharjeel Qaiser, or just Pitu.

Made using GM:Studio and written in GML.


Without the support of my friends and family, I could not complete this project, so I would like to thank my friends Mike, who helped me through every step of developing this interactive short story and Mujgan, who motivated and encouraged me to design the game's art. Mammad for helping me come up with ideas and writing the story.


Email me at: abclilwayne55@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pitu_dev

Feel free to leave your opinions and criticism!

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Install instructions

Download package come in:

  • exe format
  • zip format

To launch in .zip format, simply open it using a extracting software (WinRAR recommended) and click on the Project3.exe file.

To launch in .exe format, simply download it and click it, it will run itself.


Forlorn.zip 24 MB
Forlorn.exe 22 MB


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Gave your game a go....



Thanks so much! This was amazing, keep creating content! Youre really funny hahah